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sGo is the self-checkout app for smartphones. No need to queue up or manually take payment, just scan and go!

Did you know that almost half of all Brits carry less than £5 and 14% don’t carry cash at all times? The demand for cashless payments is rising every year as it is much more convenient for customers. So if your business only accepts cash payments, you are potentially losing around 60% of your customers. The majority of merchants accept card payments via a card terminal, but there are better ways to accept payments, save time, provide great customer service and control your monthly card proccessing bill. sGo helps your business hit several targets at once.

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Sell Food And Drinks

Whether you want to accept fast track customers or just want to accept cashless payments, sGo will save you time by handling customer payments in advance.

Sell Your Products

Update your inventory in advance or charge your customer on the spot with sGo's merchant app.

Accept Mobile Payments

Get notifications on your smartphone through sGo's merchant app or receive your customer purchase details via SMS on your cellphone.

Suitable For Start-up businesses

If you were planning on charging all customers a fixed fee per card transaction in your shop, here's your chance to split the fees more evenly. Plus, you can get recognised instantly between many other businesses with our free marketing tools.

What's next?

We are not too far from finalizing our services and the core functions of sGo payments are working perfectly at the moment. We just want to create a more personalized experience for everyone and for that, we need to communicate with you, our potential customer! No matter if you are thinking about starting your own shop or have been running a shop for years, just send us a message and let us know about your business so that we can develop more useful tools to assist you with sales and marketing. Let us know what prices are fair, what tools would benefit you and any other feedback.

Whether if you are selling food in festivals, venues, or even selling craft or flowers from a pop-up shop, sGo is easy to use and a cost effective solution for small businesses to start accepting mobile payments in just seconds. Take advantage of our simple price planning with no setup fee and no monthly cost. sGo Payments include free apps for both merchants and buyers and it provides tools for you to sell quicker and get paid.

We are aiming to provide alternative methods for accepting card payments in your shop and we are looking into every oppertunity to improve our services. We want to know about your business and the challenges that come with it. The possibilites are endless, but we need your support to turn our vision into a reality. Join us now and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and receive exclusive offers from us.

Selling made easy

More often, if your business doesn't accept credit/debit card payments, potential customers turn away simply because they don't have any cash in hand. Or even, your business might be located at a place where your customers can't access an ATM nearby.

Save the hassle with sGo. Set up your shop in just minutes and start selling. Whether you want to temporarily set up a kiosk or a booth, or if you just want to offer your customers an easier and more convenient method of payment, you will have full control over what you sell, how you sell it and the payment options you offer to your customers.

What is sGo?

sGo is a free POS app that includes all the tools you need to sell quicker and get paid. Just install it on your phone and start accepting payments from your customers within minutes. And the best part is, you can share any transaciton fees between you and your customers.

cyclitis for free to try out sGo Beta on our website. Please note that this is not the final version, so please share your thoughts and let us know how we can improve and what else you would like us to consider developing in sGo.

Why sGo?

Our app is a very reasonable solution for selling food and other products in festivals or a pop up shop. If your business does not accept card payments and your customers don't have cash, your potential customers may turn away. With sGo, your customers may still use sGo to make payments from their smartphone.

  • Share transaction fees between you and your customers.
  • Manually or automatically charge your customers from your smartphone.
  • Upload unlimited products with different variants and manage your stock.
  • View and export sales reports.
  • Accept major card brands and Apple Pay.
  • Receive notifications or SMS when your customers make a purchase.
  • Volume based pricing once you sell more than £25,000 per month.

Want more?

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Why sign a contract with another third party in advance to process card transactions, when you can just set up your shop in just minutes? No matter if you just want to sell for a day or even if you want to continuously sell using sGo, you will have access to a wide range of options. Some of our main services include sales monitoring and product management. We've got plenty of unique services coming up so stay tuned to hear more about our fabulous platform and it's game changing features.

It takes just a few seconds for your customers to change their minds about shopping with you if you are very busy. That's not fair! We understand that you will be too busy interacting with your customers, so we're here to give you an extra hand with selling and managing things.

Monitor and boost your sales with our easy to use platform and mobile app.

Receive notifications and text messages straight to your phone upon successful transaction.

Give your customers more choices and start accepting a variety of different payment options.

Merge sGo Merchant with your own receipt printer. Just connect your smartphone and printer to the same network and start printing customer orders.